CUSEC 2018 Organizers and Head Delegates


Gracey Hlywa Maytan


Gracey is a Computer Science student at Concordia University. She is passionate about self-discovery and experiencing new adventures. This is her third time at CUSEC, and she is proud to be part of the student tech community where so many of the people she meets are engaged in communication, conversation, and support of each other.


Kenny Hong


Kenny is a M.Sc student at the University of Manisnowba in Winterpeg. His research area is in 3D scientific data visualization with immersive displays. Outside of academics, Kenny sings with a choir called Prairie Voices. He is looking foward to meeting everyone at CUSEC!


Paul Lee

Director of Sponsorship

Hey there! My name's Paul and I'm a computer engineering major at uOttawa! I attended CUSEC 2016 and then head delegated last year at 2017, and every year has just been getting better! I've got to meet so many amazing people from across Canada through CUSEC and I genuinely believe it's one of the best things that's happened to me in university.


Zach Hauser

Sponsorship Team

Zach is a second year computer science student from Carleton University. Usually with a coffee in hand, you can find him working on various software projects or learning new technologies. Outside of computer science, you can find him sending fun sized cliffs in the backcountry, travelling or rereading the Harry Potter series for the nth time.


Aniqah Mair

Director of Speakers

Aniqah is a Computing major and Sociology minor at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She runs the Education on Queer Issues Project and serves on the Board of Directors of the Queen's student government. In her spare time she can be found napping, studying, trying new vegetarian recipes, and doing even more extracurricular things.


James Talarico

Speakers Team

James is a fourth year Software Engineering student at Concordia University. It is his third year attending CUSEC and his second time being part of the team. His academic interests are computer security, AI and astrophysics. He loves cooking, bouldering and procrastination.


Vinith Suriyakumar

Director of Events

Hey everyone! I just finished my third year of computing at Queen’s University specializing in Biomedical Computing and have taken a year off to do four different internships in 16 months! I first was an attendee of CUSEC 2016 where I saw some fantastic talks and met some incredible individuals who shared their experiences in software engineering that have stuck with me ever since. Then last year I was the Queen’s HD for CUSEC and had our largest delegation of 94 people show up, which was incredible to see. Cha Gheill! This year I’m the Director of Events and can’t wait for all of you to create the same bonds that I’ve made at CUSEC events. Apart from CUSEC, I’m passionate about machine learning, working with massive data sets, and influencing product decisions using data science. Another fun fact is that I love going to concerts and have been to at least 35 in the past three years! Can’t wait to see everyone at CUSEC!


Jonathan Gratton

Director of Technology

Jonathan is a fourth year Computer Science student at the University of Ottawa. In his free time, he fancies photography, science fiction novels, and the occasional video game. He also enjoys attending and organizing conventions, and some of his favorite tele series include Game of Thrones, and Battlestar Galactica. If you see him around the conference floor, don’t be shy, spark up a conversation!


Sébastien Roy

Director of Logistics

Sébastien is currently in his fourth year studying Software Engineering at the University of Ottawa. This will be his fourth CUSEC! In his spare time, he enjoys playing football and loves swing dancing. He is very excited for this year's CUSEC!


Laura Wheatley

Logistics Team

Laura is a proud mother of plants, builder of furniture, and second year Software Engineering student at Concordia. She had a truly wonderful time at last year's conference and can't wait for you to join this year!


Abby Leung

Director of Promotions

Abby is a third year computer science student at McGill. This is her second CUSEC but her first time on the team. In her spare time (what spare time?), she likes to do photography, hike and eat anything sweet. She watches way too many old British shows than she should. Her favs include Poirot, House of Cards (the one with Ian Richardson), Yes, Prime Minister, Inspector Morse.


Samira El-Rayyes

Director of Finance

Samira was first exposed to the world of code in grade ten, and she is now a graduated Software Engineering student from the University of Ottawa. After attending her first CUSEC in 2012, she knew that she had to get involved with this awesome event and has been an organizer since. 5 years ago, she handled CUSEC's social media sites and now Samira is the Director of Finance for CUSEC 2018.

She is a precious flower.


Elisa Kazan

Head Delegate of Carleton

Hey! I’m Elisa and I’m a third year computer science student in the mobile computing stream at Carleton University. 👩🏼‍💻 I’m energetic, loud and super excited to meet all of you in Montreal! 🙌🏻 Who’s ready for the best weekend ever?! 😎


Bailey Shirtliff

Head Delegate of UManitoba

Bailey (a.k.a BaileyBox) is a fourth year Computer Science student at the University of Manitoba. This will be his third time attending CUSEC, with his first time being a Head Delegate. He is passionate about Beatboxing, meeting new people, and learning.


Pouya Lajevardi

Head Delegate of UofT

Pouya studies computer science, machine learning and data mining at University of Toronto. I am fascinated by anything that challenges me, especially intellectually. In my spare time I like to share time with my friends, play games, watch sports and much more. I am excited about CUSEC and can't wait to meet you all. Please do stop by and say hi, nothing like a good conversation!


Jacob Smith

Head Delegate of University of New Brunswick

Jacob is in his third year of Software Engineering at the University of New Brunswick. It is both his and his school's first time attending CUSEC. When he isn't studying, he's usually trying to find a cool project to work on, reading, hiking or hanging out with his friends!


Dema Abu Adas

Head Delegate of Guelph

Hi everyone, I'm Dema - a second year software engineering student at University of Guelph! I'm interested in iOS development and scripting with Python. I love Korean BBQ and experimenting with cutting edge technology. I attended CUSEC for the first time last year, and I'm really excited to be on the team this year!


Bernard Cloutier

Head Delegate of Concordia University

I always thought that coding was amazing. Being able to create anything from nothing but sequences of characters (+ energy drinks + no sleep among other things), that was what got me into Computer Science. And I thought, "That's it, that's the most awesome thing there is out there!". But then I discovered teaching. Teaching tech to be more specific. In other words, helping people understand and use technology by enabling them to grow through it, and I thought to myself, "Hey Bernie, coding is awesome, but this is straight up bananas". So finally, when I met this united family of crazy dedicated students on a mission to make tech an empowering field, something accessible, something fun and that makes you do great things, I knew that was what I needed. That was what got me into CUSEC.


Abhishek Dhakla

Head Delegate of Waterloo

Abhishek Dhakla is a Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. He is keen techie, an active blogger and a curious fellow with a knack for adventure. As some wise fellow once said, "If you want to discover Abhishek, meet him and you will know who he is". And yes, just to make you aware, Winter is coming and he is indeed the rightful heir to the Iron Throne!


Belkheir Anis

Head Delegate of Polytechnique

Passionné par les technologies et la communauté des futurs ingénieurs logiciels du Canada, Anis est dévoué pour la cause du partage de la connaissance et des défis chez les étudiants. C'est d'ailleur cela qui le pousse à joindre CUSEC autant que HD de Polytechnique. Il a la conviction que c'est par le contact avec de nouvelles personnes que de nouvelles idées peuvent émerger.


Sebastian Hoefert

Head Delegate of Queen's

Hi! My name is Sebastian and I'm currently in my third year at Queen's University, specializing in Software Design. I first attended CUSEC in 2017 and had a wonderful experience so I decided to become more involved this year. I am passionate about the tech industry and think that CUSEC is an excellent place to experience more of it. I hope everyone enjoys CUSEC 2018!


Anushka Paliwal

Head Delegate for University of Ottawa

Anushka is a third-year student enrolled in Software Engineering with Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship at University of Ottawa. She is very passionate about swimming, reading and dancing. Most of the time you will find her reading novels and sometimes you may even see her studying. She also loves to talk, so if you ever see her around say hi to make her really happy!